Flow State

I started Playbook Studio for several reasons with one big reason being I wanted work to feel a lot more like play. When I was playing with ideas and feeling in flow, my teams and I were more successful and our clients were happier. After decades in a career of my dreams, I was starting to feel crushed and disheartened by corporate life. I remained intellectually interested in my chosen career path and always loved mentoring new talent and seeing them grow and succeed, but my spark ⚡️ was fading. The crushing workloads and crumbling business model was killing my spirit.

I always loved watching a good tennis match (US Open being my favorite tournament). I wanted my work to feel like a good game of tennis — strategic, energizing and beautiful.

So, Playbook Studio was born over 2 1/2 years ago and I couldn’t be happier. Jumping off the hamster wheel / meat grinder and into center court is exhilarating. Plus my clients seem happy with the new kind of interplay as well.

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