2023. My Year of Expansion.

If you are anything like me, you’re tired of making lengthy unattainable lists of New Year’s resolutions. Is having rock solid abs really a priority of mine? I mean all power to you if it is, but I’ve decided to reframe my approach to resolutions this year. Instead of a list, I’ve picked one word that I want to embody, and infuse it into every aspect of my life. Thank you Meghan Markle for the idea. My word for 2023 is E X P A N S I O N.

Although this world can seem quite bleek at times, I like to remind myself we live in an expansive time of connectivity and opportunities. Instead of climbing a linear ladder upwards, I am spending this year dancing within the field of ever expanding possibilities.

How you too can put yourself into the expansion mindset.

Find your Expanders.

An expander is defined as “someone who has created or achieved something in their life that we desire to also have or create” (Phillips, 2021). These are people that show you that what you desire is possible. They’ve done it, so why can’t you? We can look at others with the lives we want with debilitating envy or with motivating inspiration. Find ways where you can put yourself in the right spaces to cross paths with possible expanders. Reach out to people you’d like to mentor you, attend the parties or events these people may frequent, or take their workshop. I always say that people are portals, you may just be one person away from a whole new world of opportunity.

Go Quantum.

The spiritual community often throws around terms like “quantum jump,” which sounds great in theory, but it’s not helpful if we don’t know how to apply it, or understand what it means. A quantum jump is defined as “an abrupt transition (as of an electron, an atom, or a molecule) from one discrete energy state to another” (Merriam-Webster). But how does one actually do this? Well, for me, it starts with a perspective shift. How I show up in the world (attitude, mindset, beliefs) changes my whole reality. And even a 2% shift in your perspective can take you into a whole new world. Dr. Sam Radar has lots of practical and magical advice on the topic and even calls herself the Quantum Queen. If you want to explore the quantum realm, check her out.

Take Risks.

As the saying goes, no risk, no reward. Taking risks is scary, it requires us to have faith that everything is going to work out one way or another. It also requires us to bet on ourselves. Anyone that has built something great has had a vision, and worked towards that vision, despite their doubt. Risk being wrong, risk looking stupid, risk being rejected. Sure, your family, friends and loved ones may want nothing to do with you and you may end up poor and alone but… apologies, not helpful. But really, our brain is designed to make up the worst case scenario to protect us. Sometimes you have to stop listening to the panicked monkey brain and trust that you just might have something worth creating. Staying stagnant is just as much of a risk as taking a courageous leap into the unknown.

Keep the Lights On.

Some people may say to blow caution to the wind and give your dreams everything you’ve got. And please do go big, but it’s important to have a way to support ourselves during the process. Good things take time, and it’s not going to happen overnight. You want to be able to feed yourself. Say for example, you are building your own business, don’t immediately quit your day job. It’s vital to have something to fall back on, some padding when things don’t immediately work out. That padding makes it easier to get back up and keep going. And, make sure whatever you are doing to keep the lights leaves you with emotional and creativity energy to pursue your bigger dream. That could mean taking a less glamorous, but way less depleting day job. People say our most valuable asset is time (and that’s true), but equally valuable is your life force energy.

Act first. Speak later.

You may be excited about your new ventures, as you should be, but don’t share your grand plans with your uncle Joe who abandoned his dreams decades ago and deeply hates his life. Bitter uncle Joe is likely not going to offer you words of encouragement or support. Most of those folks won’t believe it until they see it. Even if you want to share your excitement, keep your plans close to your chest, and just do the damn thing. A 2009 study found that telling people your goals can give you a hit of dopamine and a premature sense of completeness, which can slow down actually accomplishing the goal (Gollwitzer, 2009).

And as the wise Beyonce once said in her 2020 commencement speech “don’t talk about what you’re gonna do, don’t dream about what you’re gonna do, don’t criticize somebody else for what they’re not doing, you, be it. Be about it. Be about that action and go do it.”

Come join me in ditching the hamster wheel and unrelenting corporate ladder climb and explore a richer life through expanding yourself and your reality through aligned action and improvisational dancing with the universe.


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